First Page vs. Lead-Based SEO

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Understanding lead-based SEO

Are you trying to increase your SEO results but aren’t quite sure what that means? It’s no surprise since many SEO companies sell you on being listed as number one. While that is an important goal to work towards, focusing on a lead-based SEO campaign will help you bring in the calls and leads you desire while working towards a higher position on Goolge & organic search. When it comes to first page vs. lead-based SEO, here are some important things to consider:

What is your customers’ lifetime value?

Knowing what your customers lifetime value is for each service or product is beneficial for more than just SEO. It helps you focus all of your marketing efforts towards the avenues that bring back the most ROI. A good example is the home service industry. If the customer lifetime value for a drain call is only $300, but is $20,000 for a HVAC service call and you need to bring in calls for both, then it would probably be most beneficial to focus your marketing strategy on your HVAC leads. Once your revenue starts coming in and your techs are busy, you can add in drain campaigns. When you’re trying to stretch and maximize your marketing dollars and time, having that lifetime value takes the pressure off of trying to promote everything at once. The same goes for your SEO.

Reevaluate what good SEO looks like

Organic search is very competitive and you’re probably paying good money to be listed 1st or on the 1st page of search. Sometimes the desired results are unobtainable for your budget. How can you get leads for a price you can afford? Starting small and owning a service line or product line that has terific opportunity but not as much competition is key. Don’t get caught up on being listed 1st. Instead, hire a team who understands your business and who will focus on driving organic leads. There are a lot of workarounds our SEO experts can do to get you leads and stay within your budget. A company that is only selling you on keyword ranking and 1st page ranking is probably not working hard to identify less expensive opportunities for you with high ROI’s.

Use data-driven results

It feels great to see your name above your competitors on Google but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re receiving more calls or leads. A good SEO provider will show you the dollar value that they’re bringing to your company and will be able to chart the success of their contribution. You should never assume that your SEO is working or not working. Having true results available on demand is no problem when your SEO provider is working diligently for you.

Know where you are and where you’d like to be

Goals are always important when it comes to planning your SEO budget. There are some companies out there who will charge an outrageous amount to get you higher rankings but with no timeline. Find a company who will provide you a timeline of expectations. It’s not a bad idea to start small with one or two services/products and work your way into more as your revenue starts coming in.

Our team of SEO experts works directly with our clients through a road mapping session. They will help you identify your customers lifetime value, asses where the biggest opportunity and return lies, and then forecast how long it will take to get to your desired results. We provide detailed reporting based on actual revenue that your organic search contributed versus the industry standard of generic keyword rankings. Everything we do at iLeads Media is centered around your revenue and revenue goals. Schedule a consultation today and see what makes our lead-based SEO stand out from first page-based SEO.



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