5 Signs Your Marketing Agency Just Isn’t That “Into You”

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Signs Your Marketing Agency May Not Be The Right Fit

Marketing is a fierce and ever-changing landscape. Competition is high amongst marketing agencies and you’re left to sift through their numerous pitches to find the perfect match. Often the biggest and fanciest presentation wins. You went ahead and signed on but are wondering if you made the right choice. The chemistry is lacking and your relationship doesn’t feel natural. Maybe they don’t get you. Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea; but in case you’re wondering, here are 5 signs that your marketing agency just isn’t that into you.

Your Rep is Hard to Find

After the ink has dried, your rep is suddenly hard to get ahold of and you feel like an inconvenience. If your account rep isn’t reaching out as much as you’d like or isn’t responding as quickly as you need, you may want to request a new rep or consider a new agency.

Your Rep & Agency are Defensive

No one knows your business needs like you. If you find yourself struggling to get the kinds of leads or calls that you need the most, you may need to consider requesting a new rep, or a finding a new agency. Your rep should be bending over backward; making sure that the customers they’re providing are quality and the lead types are what you need. If you give feedback, are requesting changes or need clarification on why something is being done (or not done) and they become defensive, don’t take it personally.

There are many, many other agencies that welcome feedback on their marketing campaigns. A defensive agency is usually one that isn’t doing too much for you. Before you make a move, ask your current agency how hands on their typical client is and gauge if you’re asking for too much, or if they’re just not willing to accommodate you.

Reporting is Inconsistent or Non-Existent

Setting expectations for reporting should be done in the initial stages of your partnership. If you’re not receiving clear and consistent reporting, how do you know that you’re getting your monies worth? Don’t ever be afraid to ask for a status update. Agencies usually love to show off their numbers. If yours isn’t, or if you don’t understand the reporting they provide, you may need to dive deeper into figuring our your ROI with them. Some agencies are really good at using big buzz words that leave you guessing. If they can’t explain it in plain terms, you have to wonder if they even really get it themselves.

Time is Not of the Essence

Finding an agency that flexes with your needs can be tough, but is possible. If their lead times for media changes are more than a week out, or if they are unable to accommodate your ad or spend changes within 24-hours, you might consider initiating a meeting with them so they can better understand your business and expectations. You are very adept at predicting your business’ needs but sometimes unexpected things happen and you need to make moves fast. Working with a company like iLeads Media can take that load off when it comes to adapting your marketing strategy so you can focus on flexing your operations. A good agency is a partnership built on understanding and trust. Getting changes made fast should not be something you dread.

Your Invoice Comes More Than Any Other Communication

“Set it and forget it” is something that happens a lot in the digital marketing world. It is a very unfortunate phenomenon that leads to a lack of results. Once a business owner experiences an agency like this- where the only time they hear from them is when money is due, they are less likely to try an agency again. This is very unfortunate because there are some agencies, like iLeads Media, who work very closely with business owners to make sure the accounts are bringing in the quality lead types or calls that the business needs.

If you’ve ever wondered if your current agency is doing right by you, it’s time to meet with them, review expectations, ask for clear deliverables, and let them know that you’ve considered a change. If the relationship continues to be unproductive, it may be time to consider switching to an agency like iLeads Media. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your business’ daily and long term goals through our thorough analysis of your revenue forecast, capacity, and operations. We flex your campaigns based on actual numbers and keep an open dialogue so that we can continue to fine tune your account.

If you’re interested in how an agency like iLeads Media can help you with your digital marketing, mass media marketing, social media, direct mail or email campaigns, contact us today and let us show you just how “into you” we really are.